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say hi to this pinqponq x SNEAKER FREAKER bundle coming on Saturday, November 18

Sneakers and backpacks are essential items in our daily life. Fusing our love of both, we linked up with the worlds leading sneaker magazine Sneaker Freaker to produce this triple pack of portage paraphernalia. Sneaker Freaker have sewn their soles into each stitch of these bags. Offset with classic Sneaker Freaker red pops, custom ‘loose laces’ zip straps and branded satin lining in two-tone silver, this is an eminently tidy package.

Covering the full spectrum of haulage, the CUBIK backpack is built for daily dispatches, the KARAVAN duffle makes for quick getaways and the BRIK shoulder-strap specialises in high speed missions. Available November 18, in TITOLO.